1. BMJ article - bmj.com


    It has a big impact on the diet of American citizens, and those of most Western nations, so why does the expert advice underpinning US government dietary guidelines ...

  2. Cultural studies - Wikipedia


    In 1996, physicist Alan Sokal expressed his opposition to cultural studies by submitting a hoax article to a cultural studies journal, Social Text.

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    Lean construction is a combination of operational research and practical development in design and construction with an adaption of lean manufacturing principles and ...

  4. F1000Research Article: A multi-disciplinary perspective


    1 Imperial College London, London, UK 2 ScienceOpen, Berlin, Germany 3 Berkeley Institute for Data Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

  5. Organization Studies | SAGE Publications Ltd


    An international multidisciplinary journal devoted to the Studies of organizations, organizing, and the organized in and between societies

  6. Journals and Studies With Bicycle Helmet Content


    The First Big One: The New England Journal of Medicine article describing the Thompson and Rivara studies documenting the effectiveness of bicycle helmets.

  7. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching


    International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching. editor: Simon Jenkins published 6 times a year ISSN 1747-9541 2015 journal prices/format options

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    The University of Chicago invites applications for The Indian Ministry of Culture Vivekananda Chair, a visiting professorship that allows the University to ...

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    Jeff Malpas is Distinguished Professor at the University of Tasmania. A trained philosopher, but with a University-wide appointment, he supervises students across ...

  10. beck Never Lived In Birmingham - midpsy.org

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    Beck never lived in Birmingham: ... A critique. Despite the above ... which may often comprise middle class university students and therapeutic practitioners who are ...